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Since you are reading my “Welcome to my Blog” post you can tell that this is a new blog. So, yes I am new here… in this space, putting together the how, when, where and what of producing a blog… but I know the why. I am writing this blog and running this site as a new business. If you saw my About page you know that, at this time, this is a part time opportunity for me, a way to express myself, share what I know and live my passion for all things beauty and helping others.

Finding the Industry

What is my passion? Since I discovered YouTube (not sure when that was, but it was still really new back then) and I discovered makeup tutorials, I knew I wanted to do makeup! I enrolled in a make-up course and got a part-time job (in addition to my full-time job) at a Canadian drug store with a high-end beauty department. Here I could practice my new skills and earn a little extra money.

I loved working in the Beauty Department. Helping people pick out new makeup and skin care, doing makeovers, showing new products and demonstrating techniques. I even got hired by Christian Dior Cosmetics to do freelance sales in our area. What a thrill! It was so much more fun than my cubicle desk job, but it didn’t pay enough to do full time. When I finally got too tired to keep both jobs I chose to leave my fun part-time job, in favour of my safe, stuffy, corporate job.

While working as a Beauty Consultant I got invited to numerous seasonal training classes where makeup and skin care brands would train the consultants on their core products and new products launching for the season. This was the absolute best! At these trainings, I got to learn (my jam!!) and get free products (also amazing.) At this time I was also a member of Toastmasters and I was finding my love of public speaking. I decided that being a trainer for a beauty company was my ultimate dream job!

Education and Work

Having completed my Communications degree, and my HR designation, I decided that going to school for teaching/training which aligned with my past education and my future dream job. I completed my Bachelor of Education in Adult Education. In order to gain experience, I got a job as a trainer for a telecommunication company. I loved training my classes.The material was very technical and challenging, but the relationships I got to build with my trainees was what I loved. Then the ultimate fulfilment was seeing them go on to succeed when applying their new knowledge.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

It was around this time that I had started hearing about and seeing more people start up Network Marketing businesses. I was very intrigued and ended up joining a company. I just loved being my own boss, learning all there was to know about the products and planning parties, but I HATED bothering my friends and family to buy my stuff, and that was all they taught me how to do! I gave it up, ultimately failing to make the sales quota because my close friends and family had all bought something (bless their hearts) and I had nowhere else to sell. Even though I left that company, I knew there was potential in this sector and I wanted to pursue options where I could generate a residual income.

Then I was introduced to a newer direct sales company in the beauty industry. I loved their products. I knew I loved their products because they had moved from a retail sales model to a direct sales model a few years ago, and I had purchased their products when they were sold in the mall. I signed up the day I heard about it, once again diving into all the training, learning all I could because that’s what I do, learn!

I Have To Do What?

Then came the part where I was told I must prospect my closest friends and family members. If I didn’t do it, I was guilted into believing I was giving up on my “why.” I was told that I didn’t care enough about the reason I had started in the first place. I started this business because of my family, to earn more money for us, and have time freedom, with an ultimate goal of leaving my stressful job. I knew my “why” was strong so I started with the prospecting. This is not what I wanted to be doing and if I had to carry on this way I would have to quit. If someone had expressed interest, sure I’d talk to them all day! But forcing it down my family member’s and best friend’s throats, killed me inside. I honestly felt sick, but I didn’t want to fail at another business!!

Opened my Eyes!

One day I was scrolling Facebook, as I do (way too much my husband tells me) and I came across an ad for a book called Attraction Marketing Formula. I bought it right away. It taught me that I could use the internet and social media to find people who were interested in what I had without badgering, harassing or stalking down people in my life. I have learned a lot from that book and my subsequent relationship with the company who sells the book. This company opened my eyes to a whole new way of running a network marketing business and has taught me online marketing skills that I can use to market anything!

Creating my own Dream Job

After a number of months of personal reflection and internal debate, I decided that I wanted to continue in the beauty industry with network marketing, pursue my new passion for online marketing and also honour my love of teaching and training. How could I combine all these things? What I came up with is here…  Your Beautiful Future.  Join me and follow along if you are an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, I think, wait, I know you will learn something that will help you in the future of your beauty business.






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