Do You Even Have a Tagline? Want to Know Mine? It’s fun!

I wasn’t searching for a tag line, but my most favourite online mentors and teachers have short catchy sayings that they end their messages with, videos, emails, blogs…

Do I need a tag line?

Of course not!

Did I kinda want one?

Yaaaa…. I did

For this brand I already have…

So I called my brand - Your Beautiful Future – MY VISION in THREE WORDS… this is ALL for you, to help you create yours, whatever that is for you, your glorious future!

I came up with a brand statement – Makeup and Motivation for women who just want more and want to look good going for it.

I’m telling the world what THIS brand is all about!

This is who I am here to serve!

It makes it easy for people to see and know instantly whether this tribe, content, place and space is something they are interested in…

Don’t like makeup? Cool, pass on by.

Not a go-getter, hustler, setting and crushing your goals? No worries, you won’t be interested in what this expanding group of badass women are up to anyways.

IF these speak to you, you have found the right place, and I’m so glad you are here!

But the core message that I will share out into the world, it’s not out there yet…

I need the tag line, the stick-in-your-head, take-with-you-on-your-way after you spend your valuable time with me message that will be the core of it all here with me…

See, the leaders I spoke about before, their tag lines aren’t just short catchy sayings, they are actually the core of everything they stand for, speak about, write about and share daily!

That’s what I am trying to nail down.

So here it is…

Can you feel the excitement?!?

Obviously you are at the edge of your seat… LOL

My tag line is… “Find your light and shine it bright!” I’m 100% confident you get the gist of what this means, but I actually mean this on a deep level!

What I don’t mean is to find the flashlight on your phone and shine it around! LOL hahaha! No no, pretty sure you got that.

On the surface we could say that everyone shines their light, just by being alive, going into the world and ‘being’. Ok, that is kind of it, but so not it!

What is your light? To me, it is:

Your purpose…

Your unique you…

The spark in you…

The element of you that IF and WHEN you are able to find it, cultivate it and unleash it into the world your impact would be deep and far reaching.

Only you have your light, and only you can control its brightness and how far it is cast.

You can choose to dim it, flick it off completely, or amp it up and shine it in everyone’s eyes!

Finding that light is something so many people struggle with. 100% me!

If you feel like there is something more you are meant for, you have a bigger purpose than what you are doing right now, there might be some light in you that you need to look for.

I found a love of teaching and training, sharing knowledge and helping people develop… this is my gift to share.

I had lost the creativity, the art in me… but I found my paint brush, in the form of a makeup brush.

Many passions, one light.

If you can find that light in there, way down deep… I want to you to do something even harder… shine it out into the world.

Why is this hard? For the same reason you aren’t already shining your bright light…

Because we are conditioned to be guarded, remain in our comfort zones where that light is firmly gripped, locked down and protected from those in the world that would try to turn that light out.

After a long battle with my own self, the comfort zone in my head, I’m starting to let that light shine.

It’s not easy… what will the people say? What will they do?

Will they come at me and try to turn this light off? Stuff it out… ya probably… it’s bound to happen… but the new attitude is that I DON’T CARE!

COME AT ME with the negativity… I can take it, cause this light is for the world, not just for me, that’s why I have it!

Question for you today… Have you found your tagline? What is one message that you sums you up, how you want the world to see, hear and remember you? Write your tagline in the comments.


Find your light and shine it bright!

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