Perfectionism is Not a Strength

Perfectionism = weakness

“What is your biggest weakness?” Have you been asked this in a job interview before?

It is a hard question!

How about perfectionism? If you tell someone you are a perfectionist it means that you care about the quality of your work and always do you best. You refuse to accept anything short of perfection!

It sounds like a cop-out on the weakness question. Who wouldn’t value a trait or quality in another person that works hard and does their best? Effort, drive, determination, those are strengths, but, perfectionism is a true weakness. Success Magazine has written a number of articles on the negative effects this quality can have on your success.


Perfection is the enemy of progress,” Winston Churchill


Perfectionism is something I have always struggled with.

I refuse to accept less than perfect from myself.  When “good enough” would have done, staying with a task until it was my version of perfect has cost me time, energy and money.

Perfection is a myth. It does not exist.

I am slowly learning this.

This website, for example, I put it out to the world as it is right now. It is done, it is good enough!

There are many things I could spend hours, tweaking, changing, and improving to make it what I perceive as perfect. However, even if I put in WAY more time, it would still not be perfect, because I am not a web designer or a graphic designer!

But here it is because I want my message out. I have information that I think can help people. Holding out for perfect would keep me stagnant and keep my message from the world.

Guess what I have also learned…

Progress is addictive!

Have you ever started a workout plan, stuck to it and actually started to see results?

How did you feel?

I have been on a program recently; I have been persistent and consistent now I can see progress. If you only allow yourself to see “perfect,” you will be blind to progress.

If you don’t allow yourself to see the progress, chances are you will give up because even a little progress can take time and a lot of effort!

Small wins are progress, they aren’t perfection, but they should be celebrated!

“The ambition for perfection is the quickest way to not achieve perfection.”- Gary Vaynerchuk

Ambition for good enough or just done

Rather than having the ambition to get everything perfect I am now striving for somewhere between minimum viable product and done well.

The bare minimum is not an option for me, effort energy and heart go into everything I do. I have let go of perfection to progress.

I know you put your heart into your business too! But can you let go of making it perfect and just make it?

  • Make the Facebook Fan page
  • Make the social media posts
  • Call your prospect
  • Do a Facebook live (working on this one myself)

It won’t be perfect, but you will learn and you will progress, and you will become addicted to the progress!

Don’t wait for it, don’t wish for it. Just do.

What could you do today?

What could you cross off your list as “done” that you have been working on, or thinking about too long striving for perfection?

Would you commit to doing it tomorrow? Let me know in the comments.


What if I jumped first… I commit to doing a Facebook live the day after this blog post is published.


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