Overcoming Procrastination and Resistance

You know there are things you want to be doing, but you are finding other things to do to fill your time, easier things, 

Some quick "How to stop procrastinating," tips - create a task list, work in time blocks, do the hardest tasks first. These are great, but sometimes it’s not that easy. When the reason for procrastinating is deeper, it can stem from deeper mindset blocks and resistance.

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Resistance and Procrastination

Today my goal was to get this post done before I had stuff to do... but instead of sitting down and just doing it I...

Watched the royal wedding, went to the grocery store, took a shower worked on my branding…. Oh and don’t get me started on the Facebook scroll…. One of my friends shared a BatDad video…. Hahaha I can’t!

When what I really sat down to do was write and record the video.

So today’s blog and video is coming to you as a lesson to myself.

What Google says about Procrastination 

To start I did a quick google search on, “How to stop procrastinating.“ I got some general tips on creating a task list, working in time blocks, do the hardest tasks first.

All amazing ideas to help you get unstuck, but sometimes it’s not that easy. When the reason for procrastinating is deeper than just not wanting to get your work done and can stem from deeper mindset blocks and deep resistance when the task is something outside of your comfort zone or taking a risk… resistance can rise up in you.

The Glass Wall of Resistance 

To me, resistance is like glass wall that shows up A LOT! And I never know where it will show up, but it’s definitely always in my way when I am about to do something that ‘puts myself out there.’ Speaking my mind, sharing a learning, pushing Publish on a Facebook post or YouTube Video.

Characteristics of the Glass Wall of Resistance:

  • Can’t see it – but when you run into it, full force you can defiantly feel it
  • Stops you in your tracks
  • Sometimes I feel like a bird flying into a window when this shit shows up
  • You can see something you truly want, on the other side, but you just can't reach out and take it

Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art is all about the resistance we face when we are taking on an and “Inner Creative Battle.”

The book really helped me to smash the glass wall in order to step out and start this stuff… showing up daily, being myself online. Sharing the messages that come to me.

Resisting Purpose

A lot of people I have learned from and been inspired by on this journey, call these messages "downloads."

I am working my best to share downloads as they come to me now… like a medium, a channel… not the psychic kind, but more like the artistic kind, the communication kind… like a newspaper, radio or TV (or this century's - online articles, podcasts or Netflix) those are the forms of communication media, a means, avenue or way of delivering a message. The communication media carries the message to the audience/receiver to be consumed, digested by the mind, and end up any number of places after that.

The mission I am on is to share my message… share the ideas, inspirations, thoughts, learnings, tips, hacks (even though I hate that word) that come to me. Through sharing I only hope to generate a glimmer of inspiration in you. To call you to action, to finding your light, finding your purpose, then acting on it whatever it looks like for you.

I didn’t act or show up the way I knew I could for so long because of that Glass Wall, and don’t want that for anyone else. I hope to help through these messages, and also personally, which is why I stepped into the calling I felt to become a coach. 

When You Find Yourself Insipred

You have a brilliant idea… that you know you should act on…

You start to stand up and start to work on it and find the Glass Wall has appeared in your path…

Showing up as:

Fear – "It would be totally scary to do that thing!"

Self-doubt – "I am not good enough to do that thing, no one would take me seriously!"

Overwhelm – "That thing would be way to hard, there are too many things I would have to do and don’t know where to start!"

What To Do About It... 

Self Discovery work... Journal 

My suggestion is to reach for a journal and start writing out the thoughts you are having that are holding you back. When you see them there on paper it makes it easier to understand them. 

You may find they are either totally false, made up or not really that scary after all.

Starting with a journal and some self-discovery can show you a lot, and when you have greater understanding of yourself, you and know better how to move forward.

The crappy thing is, the longer you sit in procrastination, that harder it seems to break through the wall and actually get started. 

Don't wait for it to get worse... Motivating yourself by thinking about what you will either feel like when its done, or what it will feel like if it never gets done, and how that will impact you. 

What To Do About It... 

If this message got you thinking and feeling, ya there is something in me…

  • A reason why I am who I am
  • A reason why know what I know
  • A reason why you feel that you can have an impact

I invite you to grab my free download of the Success Driven Women’s Guide to Finding Your Life’s Purpose. The 4 step guide will help you dive into you Purpose, your message and the reason you have the feeling that there is more you need to be doing in the world. Click the Green Button below to get it now. 

Get out there and...

Find Your Light and Shine It Bright!

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