Deserving Excellence Series #1 – Your Value

There are things we totally want in our lives. 

What do you want? What do you want to be known for? Do you deserve it? Do you deserve the title, awards, accolades, promotions you want?

Arnold Schwarzenegger deserved the body he built and the top prizes he won.  Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky deserved their titles as greatest who ever played. Gary Vanerchuck hustles and he is winning at business and life. 

This Guide Is For You If... 

You are looking for purpose in your life... I was too! I took ALL the action, but fell flat!

So, I did the research, found the experts in this field, did what they said, dug down deep and I found my purpose!

Do you want the exact steps I went through and questions I answered to:

  • Dig deep into understanding myself
  • Understand the value of my past experience
  • Define my own personal strengths and gifts…
  • And was able to nail down my true and definite purpose for being on this planet?
Purpose Workbook

We Get What We Deserve

It’s easy to say and think that the world is unfair, be jealous or envy what we don’t have, but that’s not going to get us any closer to having the thing we want. I really want my business to be bigger, and I thought it would be by this point, but those thoughts aren’t going to grow my business. I have to become more deserving of it. Wishing for something wont’ bring it closer or put it in my hand… my effort does.

So how we can become more deserving of the success we want…

Provide Value

What do you do for the world? Have you heard the saying you get paid according to the problems you solve in the world… If you solve big problems for people you probably get paid well. What problems can you solve and how hard to you work to solve them?

The value you provide isn’t always paid either… in online business, personal branding and attraction marketing the principle of providing value starts with providing free value. Show your audience your value by helping them.

Define Your Value

Tell people what value you bring…. If your clients don’t know all the benefits you offer, your boss doesn’t know all your talents how will they know you deserve more. Know your own worth and don’t be afraid to talk about it!

If you are anything like me and how I was, I never took credit for all the shit I did, what I know, my actual expertise and the effort I put into getting to where I am now. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize it you own value because you, firstly don’t want to sound cocky or full of yourself (that’s another issue I’ll talk about in a few weeks), but secondly you don’t actually realize how much of an expert you are on a topic until you take inventory.  

Be so good, and so loud that your prospects, audience, management can’t ignore you

Create a Plan to Provide More Value

A few questions to think about... 

  • How can you share more of the value you bring to the world?
  • What can you do now to share your knowledge, skills and abilities?
  • Who can you help?

Without a solid plan, we often don't follow through - another cliche, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." Decide and plan out how you can start stepping up and offering the excellence in you out to the world. 

What Can You Stop Doing? 

What you can stop doing that makes you less valuable and deserving of the success you want. If you stop doing something you open time and space to do things that add more value, either to your own life or impacting others.

Things I have stopped doing in order to open time to share value:

  1. Watching TV - I might spend an hour or so a week spending time with my husband, but my time watching TV has been reduced sooo much so I have more time for learning, blogging, and sharing value here online 
  2. Eating Junk - the better the food you eat, the better you perform in life. I have always eaten well, but I have tried especially hard to step it up
  3. Trying to limit my Social Media time - I removed all notifications on my phone, deleted a lot if apps that were distractions

Get out there and...

Find Your Light and Shine It Bright!

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