Catch and Correct Negative Behavioural Patterns In Your Life – Slight Edge Video Series #1

You get results then find yourself back where you started again.

Learn how to recognize when you start slipping backwards after your achieved success and stop falling into negative behavioural patterns.

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The Slight Edge

When I learned about this topic I was totally shocked, blown away and defiantly had an aha moment about this concept.

I love the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I first learned about this pattern of human behaviour from this book but have heard others talk about it since.

Jeff calls this the Roller Coaster effect, Sam Ovens calls it the Peaks and Toughs of our existence, but it is the same either way. And has to do with our set points as humans.

The Slight Edge includes a set of principles says that each decision you make you are either propelling yourself up wards, or downwards. With each choice you either make a positive choice or negative… eg Fast food vs Salad, keep sleeping or get up early and go to the gym. Call the prospect, or let fear get the better of you.


Upward Pitch vs Downward Pitch

Each of the positive choices in these scenarios takes you on an upward trajectory in your life, closer or further away from success. Notice also that there is no straight line, you are either bettering or worsening your situation with each choice.

In the Consulting Accelerator program Sam Ovens teaches that we have two markers in our existence the Peak marker and the trough marker... When you get to the peak you have been on the upward trajectory for a while, made some great decisions and have gotten to a high point.

You have reached your goal weight, you are really feeling good in your relationship, you have a great sum of money in your bank account. But once we get to that feeling of success we relax a little, take our foot off the gas, and start down the downward pitch of the wave. Making less good decisions, spending more money, not taking care of the relationship as we were, eating the donut… Why not, we have worked so hard, we need a break is the mentality. We stop doing the things that got us to the peak.

As we go down the path of the trough we feel worse and worse and eventually hit a low point… a minimum account balance that shocks us, a high weight that snaps us out of our donut loving roller coaster free fall.

Something inside us tells us its ok to head down the slope… pulls us away from breaking through the plateau at the peak.

We Know How to Achieve Success... All the Actions we took on the Upward Pitch

Olson says, “We already know what to do to get to outrageous success, that’s how you got to this point.” All you have to do is keep doing the things that got you to the peak, to break through it.

We don’t have to find a magic secret to success, we already know it, cause we do it everyday!

What can you recognize in yourself that you 100% know you already know how to do, but you hold yourself back doing?

Sometimes its easy to spot within ourselves, sometimes we don’t want to look within to find answers like this and admit that we actually do know what we are doing, we are just choosing not to do what we need to do.

It is hard…

When you are working on a huge goal… like you are going for it

A Coach Will Help You Breakthrough the Peaks to New Heights 

As a Transformational Success and Mindset Coach it is my job to help you see the actions, beliefs and patterns in your behaviours that have kept you stuck in the past and where you have sabotaged yourself and fallen back into the trough of despair. 

Because we are not wired to be able to see our own patterns, I can help you see them and create plans and strategies to keep the on the upward pitch to break through.

If meeting your goals means more to you that breathing, but you just can't seem to get them, and feel stuck, I can help you, and I would love to! 

As of the writing of this post I am new in the field and as a launch I have a very limited number of coaching spots open right now at a very discounted price compared to what I will be increasing the price to when these spots fill. 

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Know you are not reaching your true potential?Interested in being personally coached by Melissa?
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