How To Get Committed

Word of the Week -- Committed 

Have you committed to anything huge in your life recently, a new business, building a bigger business, breaking out of the 9-5 because you just want your time freedom, getting a huge promotion with a big raise? 

If you have been wanting something for what seems like forever, and never seeing it come to life, manifest in your life, just wanting and never achieving... This post will help you Commit to the outcome you want so badly. 

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Getting Committed

You may have noticed I have been posting more content recently. Actually, a ton more than I ever have before!

I didn’t want to jump out and say it right when I started, just in case it wasn’t possible, but I have committed myself to post a new blog post with a video every day for 40 days.

I am on day 6… and you may not have seen all the videos or all the posts, but they are on the website and all on YouTube if you don’t see them here.

I may not have totally thought this through, because it has been the hardest I have had to work on probably anything for 6 days straight before ever, and I’m just starting! Let’s not think about it.

I have my reasons

I have a lot of reasons for this madness…

  • Getting caught up on a goal
  • Stepping into and experiencing what taking Massive Action feels like
  • Taking myself and my dreams more seriously
  • Sharing my message with the world
  • Breaking through my fear of being visible and saying what was on my mind
  • Creating the systems to be able to turn out quality content quickly
  • Launching a new facet of my online business

At the start of 2018 I set a goal to do 2 blog posts with videos per week in 2018 so I would have a total of 108 good pieces of content on my site and YouTube for the year… I continued to put off the blogging because I wanted to have a “lead magnet” (freebie pdf download) available to direct people to if they liked what I was throwin’ down in my posts for the year and wanted more info from me. It’s a real key to an online brand and business to build your email list and subscriber base.

I finished that and still didn’t start the content creation, um, your procrastination is showing Melissa – yup!

I wanted to keep working in the background while not being visible, but in a moment of clarity/insanity, not sure which, I decided that I would produce 40 pieces of blog and video content over the next 40 days!

In 40 days from the day I started I will be heading to Vegas for the No Excuses Summit… and it seemed extremely fitting to break out of all my bullshit excuses and actually run with this.

And running is defiantly what it feels like.

The day I decided to do this I turned my white board into a huge calendar so I can see the progress each day as I cross off the days. On the white board I left a space to write a focus word for each week.

The Word of the Week is Committed

I just finished the Audio book Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone and he says that the ONLY way to succeed is to be Committed… the full on, 100% lay-in-on-the-line committed to what you do in your life.

So here is what I have to say about how to commit and actually come through with your commitments.

1. Decide

My all time favourite company slogan is from Beachbody, they do the workout videos like P90X and Insanity… Their slogan is Decide, Commit Succeed. I recite this to myself often… You want something you have to decide… without the decision to go after it will all you have, it will probably always remain a dream.

  • Decide that you are done being where you are
  • Decide you are done living in struggle
  • Decide you will not allow yourself to be overwhelmed any more
  • Decide you will no longer live in that state.
  • Decide you are committed to play full out

2. Set Your Mind Right

Going back to point 1, deciding is one thing… to deeply, truly, fully, wholeheartedly decide is another thing.

When working on your mindset you have to let go of the negative, change your inner dialogue away from words like struggle, overwhelm… ect. Look at your challenges as positives that will lead you to grow, not road block to stop you.

Full Belief in your ability to get it done, full belief in your ability to stay the course. Walk into your commitment with full belief and faith that this is right, and it will work out.

Re-commit daily… WAKEUP – COMMIT AGAIN!

3. Get Accountable and Take Ownership

Nothing is stopping you, but you.

I guarantee people have come from far worse than where you are and succeeded.

Things external to yourself will probably appear to get in your way, but it is up to you how you handle them and take full ownership of your own success. No one is going to do it for you, and you already committed, so you better keep going.

4. Never Give Up

You quit, you’re done… never stop and you can never fail.

 I am committed to your success

Content like this will be coming at you on this page daily for the next month (and 2x a week after that) I know FB here doesn’t show all my posts to everyone, so if you want to be sure to see the content subscribe to my email list. Emails come out once a week on weekends (right now), where I recap the content of the week. When you get the emails you can pick and choose what you want to check out.

And that freebie I mentioned above, you get that when you subscribe… It’s fuckin awesome… and I would not be here right now writing these words, fully committed without the info I share in that download… It’s a workbook to help you find purpose in your life.

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