Mindset and Success Coaching

Life Coaching, Success Coaching and Mindset Coaching

Having a coach to help you reach your goals is a great way to reduce the time, frustration and challenges on the way to success. Finding the right kind of coach and the right person to coach you is key. 

In the video and post below I break down Life Coaching, Success Coaching and discuss Mindset and Transformation as they fit into the coaching process. 

Life Coaching vs. Success Coaching

Life Coaching- broad and general. Someone who signs up for life coaching knows they want to improve their life, but may not really know how or have specific idea of what they want.

Whereas Success Coaching is more of a narrower focus under the umbrella of life coaching. A success coach will help the individual properly identify, set, and achieve whatever personal goals they may have.

Success coaching focuses more on specific and measurable goals in business, financial, or career. If your goal is to create a 6-figure business, it is easy to know if you met the goal or not at the end of the year. Likewise, even if you don’t quite hit your goals, you will still be able to see if you are on the right path because you can definitively see if you have significantly improved from before or not.

Coaching vs. Consulting

A Success coach is very much like a consultant. They are an expert at helping people get what they want, create the outcomes, and reach the end-result. Consultants get hired for their expertise, and Success Coaching have expertise in getting people to the end-result, the manifested reality of the goal they set for themselves. The difference is that Consultants set up the client with information they need and let them do the work themselves. A Success Coach will work with the client to integrate the solutions, along the path to the successful outcome.

What is Mindset Coaching?

If you have done any personal development through books, videos or courses you will probably have heard people say that mindset is a key to success. I would offer you a reward to find a single entrepreneur, or highly successful person tell you that their mindset did not play a gigantic role in, or was not solely responsible for their success.

As much as it may sound woo-woo… without the mindset of a winner, you cannot become a winner. Creating a success mindset is the far from woo-woo.

The thoughts you think on a daily, hourly and minute-by-minute basis can either skyrocket you to success, or cause you to spin into a downward spiral of negativity that could lead you to give up on your dreams.

Not a Therapist… while your mindset is heavily influenced by your past, a therapist would be hired to dive into past traumas, unpack them, work through them and heal them. A mindset coach can help you look into your past, see what is there that is causing the current state of your life and find how past events are effecting your current reality. Rather than unpacking them, pulling them apart, a mindset coach can help you acknowledge and understand the impact they have had on you and shift the way you act in the present based on that understanding and desire to move forward. In short, bring awareness and move past, rather than dissecting and breaking it completely apart.

What I do as a transformational Mindset and Success Coach

At the time of this writing in mid-2018 I am new to this form of coaching… however I believe that my whole life has lead me to this career and path.

As your coach I am focused on the transformation… the person you are today, is not same person who will achieve the massive dreams and goals your see in your future.

We will set clearly defined goals, and do the work to get you to the result. Along the path of getting the result many, many, many mindset factors will come into play. This is where we dive deep to understand you, and anything in your mindset that is holding you back. Then create strategies and plans to breakthrough to the end-result.

Getting the end-result means, you have shifted and transformed into the person deserving, worthy and capable of achieving your goals.

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