Improve Your Confidence by Defining Yourself

How do you answer when someone asks who you are, what you are about, what you do?

Today I want to talk about identity, defining it and how having a clearer definition of yourself can boost your confidence. 

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This Guide Is For You If... 

You are looking for purpose in your life... I was too! I took ALL the action, but fell flat!

So, I did the research, found the experts in this field, did what they said, dug down deep and I found my purpose!

Do you want the exact steps I went through and questions I answered to:

  • Dig deep into understanding myself
  • Understand the value of my past experience
  • Define my own personal strengths and gifts…
  • And was able to nail down my true and definite purpose for being on this planet?
Purpose Workbook

Who are You?

When asked that question it is easy to say

I’m ___________ (your job title – a teacher, an secretary, a truck driver, a manager, an entrepreneur…)

I’m ___________ (your nationality – Canadian, American, European, African…)

I’m ___________ (your family status – a mom, a dog-mom, a sister, a daughter, a single mom…)

I’m ___________ (your relationship status- a wife, a divorce, a girlfriend or fiancé…)

I’m ___________ (your personality traits – an introvert, optimistic, funny…)

I’m ___________ (your education – a high school graduate, I have a degree, I have no education…)

I’m ___________ (your hobbies – a bookworm, a music lover, a movie buff)

Go Deeper!

Those are great ways to describe yourself, but if I said, now go deeper… Who are you at your core?

What is special about you? What is different? What makes you stand out?

Go further than your traits and this surface-y stuff, look within…

Have you ever thought about this before?

Have you ever wondered, considered or defined the answer to the question:


For me, when I started searching for this answer the first thing that came to mind was – “I’M NOT MEANT TO LIVE AND DIE IN A CUBICLE!”

Alright, cool… something might jump out at you like this too, but for now I’ll steer you away from answering as I did… knowing what you don’t want is really good, but how can you answer this question with the things you ARE meant to do?

The very first time I bought an online course about how online marketing and how to create a business in this space. The course came with 3 coaching sessions, I had no idea what to expect or what it would be like.

On the first call the coach was helping me try to see my Unique Selling Position, how to create a personal brand and stuff like that, he asked me what value I had, what skills I could offer online, what I could help people do… 100% drew a blank and could not answer his question.

That really stuck with me, cause I knew I had done a lot of work to get where I was in life, but how I could help others… I had never considered it, never thought about it, never defined it or taken an inventory.


If you are Canadian I am sure you have seen the Molson Canadian (beer) commercial I AM CANADIAN RANT, watch here if you haven’t seen this. This guy has confidence in who he is and what he stands for. He identifies his values and standards and defines himself against what he is not and by the end is damn confident in his words.

Could you stand up and define yourself like that guy, Joe? I could not before, but I think I am getting closer and the more I know about myself, the more I can share here online in confidence.  

Some More Fill-In-The-Blanks

Try to fill in these blanks?

I love _____________

I can _____________

I will_____________

I help ____________ with ____________

My message to the world is____________

I am here to ___________--- How? ____________

Slightly harder to answer than just thinking about surface stuff right? Maybe something you have never thought about?

You know you have something special in side of you, you can feel it, you may have searched for it before. Maybe you haven’t.

If you have searched for these answers before and you already know the answers, another big question…

 Are you sharing this purpose and your message with the world each day?

If so, OMG, you are all over it! Congrats!

But if you haven’t ever looked inside to find that thing… that special thing, that thing that is completely unique to you… when you read this you feel it in there.

Something is pulling in you when you read these questions, like… hummm ya, there is something in there. But I don’t know what.

I like to call that thing in there your light.

I want to help you find it and shine it to the world.

To help you do that I created the Success Driven Women’s Guide to Finding Your Life’s Purpose.

This workbook will help you get started on looking inside yourself and into your dreams and come up with answers to the harder questions I asked above.

The workbook will ask some more really guided questions to help you start to define that purpose in your life and start to bring it out, and become more clear.

After completing the workbook you will

  •  have confidence in your understanding of your purpose
  • you will have defined the message you are meant to share with the world
  • you will know how your purpose work can fit into the perfect vision of your life
  • you will have pin-pointed your best strengths and gifts you bring to this world

The clarity and insights you will take away are priceless…. And the workbook is free!

Click the button below to get your copy while it is still a freebie!

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