Fear and how its holding you back

FEAR and How It’s Holding You Back

Today I want to dive into a Mindset topic of Fear...

If you struggle with fear and resistance in your life or business...

Has this been holding you back for a long time and you are just sick of the stuck feeling, not playing full out at the level you know you can...

Check out the video to learn about why we have fear and ways to overcome it to level up in all areas of your life!

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Two Types of Fear

1. The Fear that keeps you alive! Fear is a good thing, it keeps us safe, it is an internal response to external stimuli that could harm us. For me, my biggest fear is heights... I'm a total wimp when it comes to being up high. Check out the video above to hear more about that LOL!

But fear of heights is, a fear of something real that could harm us... we fall from a height we could die. 

2. Fears we create in out minds! The other kind of fear is not so real, not so required for sustaining of life... For example, the fear I have of hitting the "Go Live" button to do a Facebook Live video. There is no reason to be afraid of doing a live video, there is no impending harm that will come to me if I speak to a live audience, right?

That fear is something I created for myself that is purely a thought... no rooted in the physical world. 

Fear is Resistance

In the last post I talked about setting big goals – and asked how you would feel about sharing your huge, giant, seemingly unattainable goal with a friend… uneasiness probably popped up – that is resistance. Resistance is feeling in you that stops you from doing what you want to do or know you need to do.

The biggest reason for us not going 100%-balls-to-the-wall-all-in is FEAR!

  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of failure – FEAR of Success!
  • Fear of being seen and heard
  • Fear of rejection, ect, ect, ect... 

Your Thoughts Create the Fear and Keep You Stuck

When you think about those kinds of fear, do they really exist? Is it certain that if you start to take action, be visible, show up like you know you need to to get the result you want…. That what you are fearing will show up and grab you? Nope. Totally made up, all in your head.  

You create a physiological reaction in your body, the fight or flight response of producing adrenaline from a thought… I had the same response to pushing the go live button as standing 3 floors up on an open staircase.

Are any of these holding you back from what you know you could be doing right now to get at your huge goals?

If you wander around in fear state, fight or flight response it very unlikely you will take the massive action required to hit those huge goals. And likely won't take any action at all.

Or if you do it will be timid action…  you are doing stuff, but there is sooooo much more you know you can do… That was totally me, I was doing stuff, but nothing was visible, and when I did write something or do a video I for some reason thought ok, check, done another one… maybe I don’t have to do it again for another month… nope, not sufficient for success. 

How to Move Past Fear

One way to start to move past fears now is to start facing it repeatedly, condition yourself.

Over as little as a few conversations with you a Mindset and Success coach, like me, we would start to find those fears and pull information out of you to show you how you are holding yourself back! And work with you to dive into yourself and find fears blocking you and help you create strategies to decrease the fear response and move with it and past it. To get to your best life.

You can certainly start to work on this yourself, but if you are anything like I was, you have probably been stuck in the same space for quite some time, not getting the results you want, check this out...  

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Know you are not reaching your true potential?Interested in being personally coached by Melissa?
Book your FREE Strategy Session directly into my calendar with 3 quick steps:

Get out there and...

Find Your Light and Shine It Bright!

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