5 Steps to Setting Massive Goals and the Mindset Work To Do To Achieve Them

Today's blog and video are about how to set goals so big you have to become a new person in order to achieve them.

  • Ray Higdon calls it a BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • Grant Cardone spends the first waking minutes of his day writing out his goals
  • Any mentor I have followed online or personally worked with, million dollar earners define and strive for BIG goals

Have you created huge goals for yourself?

Check out this video where I will break down 5 steps to setting big goals and the mindset work you can do to help you achieve them. 

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5 Steps to Setting and Getting your BIG Goals

1. Pick your area of Focus

Trying to tackle too many big goals at once spreads your efforts thin. Here are a few areas you may want to focus on.

  • Money
  • Fitness
  • Business/Sales
  • Relationships
  • House
  • Car

2. Write out all the elements of the goal

An example from the book Tapping into Wealth by Margret Lynch she says the following about money goals... write out all of your expenses, bills, rent/mortgage, car, insurance, expenses, savings, college funds, then pad it. Add in extra to be sure you will have the lifestyle you want? 

How would you feel about sharing that goal with your friends and family, seems a high, uncomfortable? Well that's good, because now double it! Now that's discomfort! You are probably thinking wait... stop... impossible.

Because the person you are right now does not know how that could ever happen... with the work you do now, the habits, knowledge you have right now.. ya that is impossible

That's why we have to become the person who can achieve it.

3. Define who you have to become to achieve that

3. Define the person you have to become in order to achieve that goal

What are the qualities and habits you have to create and adopt in order to be able to achieve that goal? What do you have to change, grow into, stretch and adapt to become that next level version of yourself? I call this version of me MelissaV2.

  • What are the habits and daily practices of the kind of person you would be if you achieved this?
  • What actions would you have to take? What do you need to stop doing?
  • Define your new attitude and beliefs?
  • Who does the person hang around?
  • Tip: look to your mentor or someone you look up to in your space, or niche that has achieved what you want to model after if you aren't sure. 

4. Release the desire to know HOW?

When working on something that is such a huge stretch, the you that you are right now does not have the answer to how? If you knew the how, you would already be at the goal! To find the how, let go of desire to know... be open to ideas, your intuition, things that pop into your head... those are the how! 

When you have ideas, listen to them, flush them out, then you have to take massive action towards the goal.

5. Create your new beliefs

What do you CHOOSE to believe now? Do you believe you can get your goal, like wholeheartedly? If not, you might as well quit now. Actions without belief in the result will ensure your failure. 

Choose to believe and have the faith that you can achieve it, the idea will come to you, be open and do the work!

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Get out there and...

Find Your Light and Shine It Bright!

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