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The Must Have Tools and Essential Products You Need to Get a Polished Celebrity Look with Ease Using Safer Beauty Products to Get You Feeling Fabulous and Out the Door Fast

Why you need this guide...
  • When you have confidence in your tools you will have confidence in your application making you feel great as you walk out the door in the morning or make an entrance at your special event
  • It's a shopping guide to help you shop with confidence for basic makeup and tools with accompanying video instructions on how to use them!
  • Learn about the safety of the ingredients in your cosmetics, what ingredients are toxic, how to spot them and how to avoid them


What People Are Saying

Tina Recoskie Ontario, Canada

For someone whose make up routine is pretty basic, you have really opened my eyes to the world of beauty tools (I've always thought that using my fingers to put on foundation and eyeshadow was good enough!)

I've always found the world of make up to be a bit intimidating, not knowing which products to use and how to keep it simple (because keeping it simple is important to me). This guide really helps pare down the multitude of products that are available and is a great list of the basics! I can't wait to get myself some new brushes and products and try out some new looks!