Mindset and Success Coaching for
Motivated, Driven Women

Are you ready to take you business and life to the next level? Ready to play full out to achieve what you most desire, do the work you are meant to do in the world, and set yourself up for the best possible success? 

Mindset and Success Coaching with me, Melissa, is exactly what you need!

If You're READY to Invest in your Future and Bring your Business and Life to the Next Level, Click here to schedule your free 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me to determine if we are a fit to work together and discuss Coaching Packages. Spaces are very limited!

I totally get it.

I have been where you are

Trying and failing

Trying and failing

Trying again

Everything is a struggle, nothing is easy and nothing is falling into place for you as you

see it happening for so many people around you.

I totally get it.

If you find yourself STUCK...

  • Starting your business, stuck in "analysis paralysis" and trying to take action, but not sure where or how
  • Already building your business, had a bit of success, but are no-where near where you want to be, or thought you would be by now
  • Are in a job you hate and either want to move up, move out, or start something of your own
  • If you are sick of setting goals and not achieving them

You have probably felt a force inside of you... like a glass wall stopping you in your tracks:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Self -Doubt
  • Crushing and Debilitating Overwhelm….

Step back from all those feelings – Want to know what totally sucks? They are all internal struggles.  No one and nothing is creating these barriers to your success other than you! 

With an external view, using very finely tuned listening skills, intuition and experience can shine light on blocks that you may not be able to see within yourself, and help shift out of them.

This place of stuck-ness hurts and is beyond frustrating, I totally get it.

In this place you just want to give up!

Whether we call these things RESISTANCE or BLOCKS, the problem is our MINDSET!

Our thoughts create our reality, so if life you find yourself living is not what you want it to be, something is standing in your way… 

Let's break down these barriers together!

My Journey and Your Success...
Where I am today is not an Accident
(and neither is the fact you are still reading this page!!)


I jumped into entrepreneurship as a way out of corporate drudgery, to find freedom and live my purpose. The ease of success did not show up as it had for me in other areas... my hard work, study, and way of operating in corporate, school and life, did not work out here on my own. Something was wrong...

Turns out my mindset was total shit! I knew I had to sort it out, so I dove into books, training, mentoring, coaching... learning everything I could about how Mindset and Success work and how necessary they are for getting what you want!

The way I came to this realization and figured out the solution was to get coaching myself. I have had great coaches and teachers and I dove so far into learning that I stepped up and learned how to coach others. I realized that I could help others shift the way I had... Completely shift what is holding them back in their mindset, build resilience and propel them to success. I got Certified in Laser Success Coaching through Regan Hillyer International and another certification with Molly Sapp Mindset Coaching June 2018.

Coaching Experience

As soon as I was done my certifications, I just wanted to coach...

I took ever opportunity I got to get on calls with fellow students and other entrepreneurs to perfect my practice and craft!

But I wanted more... more coaching, more helping people, more shifts and breakthroughs!!

It just so happened that I was planning a trip Vegas to attend a conference of a mentorship program that I am a part of, right after finishing my second certification course. The company running the event employs coaches... I set my goal to network with the execs of that company and position myself to get a job with them... after a super intense interview process, I was hired into an elite team of coaches! 

My experience employed as a coach has been fantastic, and has fueled me even more to work with my own clients. Clients that are aligned with me and my message... clients that are ready to drop the BS and get to work, really committed women... like you! 

All my creds if they are important to you... 

  • Certified Coach
  • B.Ed. Adult Education - Always have been, always will be a teacher... Can't wait to teach you what I have learned
  • Other degrees and diplomas.... Communications, Psychology, Philosophy, Human Resources.... All the things related to helping and understanding  humans
  • Online Marketing with Elite Marketing Pro and Tanya Aliza - Ultimate Branding


1:1 Weekly Coaching with Me

  • Personalized and tailored to you
  • Get VERY VERY clear on your short term and long term goals - This is the KEY
  • Get crystal clear on your purpose and vision you are here on earth to fulfill 
  • Each week we dive deep – fast – I hunt down your blocks and rapidly shift you out of them!
  • I will push you outside of your comfort zone... because that's where we grow!
  • We attack the places you are getting stuck
  • Reset and optimize your internal dialogue for success

Personalized Mindset Practice

  • Based on your schedule, preferences and goals we will create a daily practice to create mental strength, your daily workout for your mind


*limited availability per month*

Single session, blocked in one area? We dive deep

$ 75.00

/45 min session

  • Sometimes one session is all you need, limited time or budget, that shouldn't stop you from getting help from a coach! 
  • Laser Coaching - dive deep... dive fast, find the root of the problem and shift it, so you can up-level like a mother-f*cker
  • Getting deep results in one area of focus
  • Leave with action steps, mindset work and call summary notes
*Life changing*

VIP all access, you will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE

Price Available Upon Accepted Application

  • You choose your One-on-One call schedule (up to 1 hour per week)
  • All elements of the 8-week Program included
  • Mindset Reset Course - $297 value
  • Free access to any and all offers I launch during your commitment
  • VIP Full Access to me though voice chat on Voxer or Messenger -- Full Time access to Mindset, Motivation and Coaching on demand

What others are saying:

"Gets results quickly"

"Melissa is such a professional, emphatic coach who gets results quickly!  Melissa provided a safe place for me to dig deep into my issue and allowed me to be vulnerable and honest.  She enabled me to come up with strategies to shift my mindset block that I was experiencing fast and effortlessly and helped me to understand what the underlying issue was.  I always leave sessions with Melissa with such great clarity and direction.  I cannot thank you enough for being there for me. Thank you!"

Tiffany Spoehr  //  Authentic Life Coach

"Coaching with Melissa was absolutely incredible.

She brought me to a place of such clarity so quickly in ways that I didn’t think were possible. She was able to show me how to shift from where I was to where I want to be in a simple and DOABLE way that felt so so good!! Thank you Melissa for such an epic experience and look forward to continue to work with you” 

Flora Sage  //  Spiritual Business Coach

"Looking for someone to help you breakthrough- look no further!"

"What a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Melissa! In a short period of time, Melissa was quick to recognize what was holding me back, and really paved the way for strategy that I was able to implement immediately. Melissa is compassionate, yet firm, and poured belief in me when I wasn’t sure I believed in myself. If you are looking for someone to help you breakthrough- look no further!"

Heidi Armstrong  //  www.heidiarmstrong.com

BIG BENEFITS of 1:1 Coaching

  • Compress time - you can read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts all you want, or I can share my years of study, 
  • Accountability - ever missed your deadlines on your own... not acceptable when working with me (joking, but kind serious because I am here to support you in getting your sh*t done!)
  • As your professional mentor, every interaction we have is solely focused on your Success
  • Playing full-out: You get to BE and DO your best work yet
  • Creating RESULTS like you never have before... you will blow your own mind!*

*While I cannot guarantee your results, I will show you how to create the ROCK-SOLID BELIEF IN YOURSELF that is the number one factor to achieving what you want.  

​Let's Do This!


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