Hi, new internet friend! I'm Melissa

Does this sound like you?

You Are on a Mission

  • You are an entrepreneur showing up daily online to grow your business
  • You are a fierce career mover, a kick-down-the-door-to-the-boardroom leader
  • Your goals are non-negotiable and it’s only a matter of time until you break through the next level of your success
  • You are on your way to the top, but you just can't seem to reach the level you feel you should be at by now

But Find Yourself Stuck... 

  • You have amazing ideas and are totally ready to get after them, then... Fear, Self-Doubt and Overwhelm creep in and you get totally thrown off course
  • You are on the path to success, striving and pushing for success, but you just can't seem to break through 

I totally understand your pain, this was me for almost 2 years!

After diving deeply into studying Personal Development, Mindset and Coaching, along with my formal education in communication and teaching adults, I have used my own struggle and learnings to craft a Transformational Mindset and Success Coaching Practice.

Inside this site you will find information on how to live your best life, define your goals in your own business and life, create plans to get there and dive deeply into yourself to do the internal mindset work to propel you to the top of your field. 

I created this site for you if any of those things are true, welcome, I think we are going to be great friends!

The action you take today will prepare you for and create
Your Beautiful Future

Who Is Melissa Jeske?

Hey!! Its me!!

Finding My Purpose

I had a bit of a false start in my online business, while I was figuring this all out. I was promoting a product that I didn't quite understand, but I knew a number of people who were doing really well selling it. Like really well... They were earning large commissions and quitting their day jobs... I wanted that so bad!

But what I was building and the words I was speaking in my marketing... There was no passion there, no excitement, no alignment, NO ME! 

So I looked within and found I was not in alignment with my goals, myself and found I didn't actually really know what my PURPOSE was! I dove into research - HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE?

After all the research I did, searching the internet and my soul I realized that I was put here to help people. My whole life up until this point has prepared me to dive into personal coaching. I have been put here to help others find their purpose and motivate them to go after it; to live their purpose. Get my resource the Success Driven Women's Guide to Finding Your Life's Purpose.

My Whole Life Has Lead to THIS

My degrees in Communication, Adult Education (teaching adults) and Human Resources with studies in Psychology, philosophy. My corporate jobs in training, and coaching where I earned accolades, awards and honors because I was a top performer and achiever, but never felt fulfilled... all prepared me for this calling, prepared me to really be able to help you!

Since I first learned about the importance of Mindset I have ruthlessly studied the practices and science behind the methods… and continue to pursue my education in these fields. 

I became a Certified Laser Coach. I was personally trained and certified in the Success Laser Coaching Methodology by its creator Regan Hillyer. Who has mastered the art of coaching and refined this method which has made her so effective at coaching that she charges her private clients $1M per year to work with her! This is the exact method I use to coach my clients.

Today, I am a transformational Mindset and Success coach. I help high performance; driven women discover and design their life purpose through 1:1 laser coaching to smash limiting beliefs, fears and mindset blocks to achieve their dream life. Since my tribe want to look good while going after their dreams you can also find me sharing beauty tips to boost your confidence. Want to work together on your purpose?

So what will you see from me here? You will actually see me, from now on, I promise! I'm excited to help you, and I'd love to connect on Facebook. I am at www.facebook.com/yourbeautifulfuture. If you give the page a like, be sure to comment or send a message that you checked out the site and let me know what you think!

Motivation, Purpose and Success... LET'S do this!

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What you won't see here…

  • Sugar coating... I promise to speak my mind, share my truth and my message - I hope you do to!
  • I won't accept the BS excuses you are telling me or yourself that are keeping you small, stuck and unfulfilled

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