Flawless In 5 Minutes!


I am so happy to be back and so happy you are here!

A while ago, like 4 months ago, I kinda stopped blogging. I did some soul searching and decided to change my approach…

You can read about why over in this post about Returning After a Break.

But, I am so freaking excited to share my first makeup talk through tutorial video. Honestly I have wanted to make these sorts of videos for years, but I never went for it… so here it is.

Who is this for?

It is honestly the most easy, fast, simple makeup look possible and is good for any busy woman.

  • Working moms trying to get out the door to drop off the kids,
  • Single ladies running out the door to catch the train into the office,
  • Work at home entrepreneurs who may be at home during the day, but want feel put together for school runs, errands, client video calls or meetings.

Do we need makeup to feel good? No! Does it help? Yes!

What are the steps? 6 ONLY!

Foundation – Even and brighten you skin tone

Concealer – Cover dark circles, highlight under the eyes, and cover redness, discolouration or blemishes

Eyebrows – They frame your face, fill them in lightly with colour close to your hair colour

Mascara – enhance lashes, make you look awake (Check out my eye lash curling tips I mentioned here) LINK

Blush – I kinda used a lot here – add colour, vibrancy, life to your cheeks, enhance cheekbones, can contour under cheek bones with bronzer as well

Lipgloss – Pick your favourite colour!

That's It! Simple, right?!?

Your Basic Makeup Collection

I put together a pdf download for you with the products and tools I think MAKE UP the perfect MAKEUP Bag, LOL!

I mentioned that the products I am using are “safer” as well, this download gives you more info on what that means, and why you should care! You might be surprised at what I share!

I put a button here for you to click if you want to check out the Makeup Bag Blueprint - The Must Have Tools and Essential Products You Need to Get a Polished Celebrity Look with Ease Using Safer Beauty Products to Get You Feeling Fabulous and Out the Door Fast

Let me know what you think! 

Talk to you soon,


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